Accelerate change alert investigation and incident resolution with Root Cause Changes Today, the majority of organizations operate under a hybrid cloud structure. Due to this, operations are consistently met with daily infrastructure and software changes and updates, which are also the primary cause of incidents and outages. Long gone are the days when a tech […]

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You will hear from our own Mohan Kompella, VP product marketing at BigPanda and Vinod Subramanian, chief data and product development officer at Syapse, a real-world evidence software company working with health systems and life science, about what works and doesn’t work in healthcare IT Ops.

We chat about changing landscape of healthcare due to the pandemic, as well as the relevance of data, AIOps, and technology in advancing healthcare across the world.

What’s the impact of employing technology and lean teams in obtaining a competitive advantage and ramping up speed to stay ahead of the competition in these modern times.

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Join BigPanda’s Adam Blau and Sean McDermott from Windward as they discuss key takeaways from the latest Gartner AIOps Platform Market report to reveal the clearest path to showing value for AIOps—and how it can help change the narrative around how IT Ops teams support organizational growth.

RESOLVE ‘22 sessions are now available on-demand. Learn how other IT Ops professionals are solving challenges that your are facing and take away valuable insights to share with your business.

In this on-demand webinar, Mohan Kompella and Ken Serembus discuss how customers like Marriott, eTrade and others have transformed their operations using BigPanda to take advantage of a contemporary approach to event management—powered by AIOps.

Learn how mid-sized organizations are using BigPanda’s SaaS-based platform to avoid IT outages as they scale. With Event Correlation and Automation, organizations are controlling operating costs while assuring service reliability.