Father. Husband. Programmer. What did you do before BigPanda? At the beginning of the pandemic, I went to work for the state. But before that, for about three and a half, four years, I was a full time stay at home dad. I took care of my older daughter, who is eight now and my […]

What did you do before BigPanda? That’s actually a question I get where not many people believe what I say. Before anything, I went to a performing arts high school in Atlanta, Georgia and went to college on a full dance scholarship. Classically trained ballet, jazz, modern tap mostly. Obviously, that didn’t work out. Funny, […]

Angie – Mom. Musician. Mentor. Friend. What did you do before BigPanda? Well, right before Big Panda, I was taking a self-imposed sabbatical for about two years. I’ve got two young children and wanted to spend more time with them while they were so young and take advantage of that time to go back to […]