Customer Story

To transform their ITOps practice, Autodesk turned to BigPanda to radically overhaul their ticketing process and improve operational efficiency.

Cambia Health Solutions automates their process by 83%, enabling identification of critical alerts within 30 seconds.

IHG leverages AIOps to achieve 99.8% availability across all their tools and environment.

Lucid Motors filters out IT noise with AIOps to optimize their ability to scale.

Christopher Black, Divisional CTO at CDI, shares how CDI utilizes BigPanda for a 51% reduction in IT noise.

Zayo’s NOC successfully manages a contextualized stream of actionable alerts by automatically suppressing low-quality noise.

FreeWheel made it easy for response teams to quickly detect problems from a first pane of glass and take action on priority alerts which reduced their MTTR by 78%.

TiVo solves for complex IT Ops challenges, reducing their IT noise by 94% with BigPanda.

With more than 11 observability, monitoring, change and alerting tools spread across multiple environments, tools were producing so many alerts, in a staggering array of formats that incident and outage mitigation became a major challenge.

Learn how mid-sized organizations are using BigPanda’s SaaS-based platform to avoid IT outages as they scale. With Event Correlation and Automation, organizations are controlling operating costs while assuring service reliability.

An internationally successful game developer and platform provider was having difficulty with noise and efficiency in their IT Ops environments and processes. This company knows its data better than most, and it understands the finer points of correlation to make best use of that data.

The most successful brick and mortar retailers have reinvented themselves by adding AI-powered technology to their brick-and-mortar presences. One BigPanda customer is a stellar example, boasting double-digit growth in e-commerce sales and leading-edge customer experiences based on virtual and augmented reality.

Investment management firms are relied upon for their expertise, security, stability and capital growth. One such financial services provider was struggling with downtime, poor customer experience, and financial penalties from missed SLAs and regulatory fines due to their Moogsoft IT operations tool. The firm ended up replacing its legacy solution with BigPanda to resolve those issues and modernize their incident management, powered by AIOps.

In the online gaming industry, player experience is everything. For this BigPanda customer, ease of use and reliability of the gaming experience dictates organizational priorities. In order to improve player experience, they are continually enhancing their tools, techniques and processes.

Many insurance companies stake their brand, their culture and their business on being stalwart, stable and utterly dependable. To execute that vision at a systems level, one such company needed to step up visibility, increase automation and break down operational silos in their IT environment.

To keep flight operations running, dozens of applications need to work in perfect concert. An outage of one minor background service can ground planes and lead to losses that easily reach millions of dollars in lost revenue and customer service nightmares.

As the only streaming service to offer customers live channels plus an on-demand library, this provider experienced increased demand as more people became “cord-cutters,” and canceled their cable TV. To succeed in this market, providers must be able to deliver their content flawlessly, whether its live or on-demand.

One of BigPanda’s customers in the retail sector is responding to the changing industry landscape with technology-driven in-store experiences, including mobile point of sale (mPoS) kiosks. In order to maximize uptime and drive adoption, they knew they had to overcome challenges with manual workflows and lack of visibility into their systems.

Have you thought about automating, but you’re not sure if it is the right time or if it will be too expensive? If so, you are not alone. Udo Strick, Lead Enterprise Systems Manager for Waste Management shares the path they took to automate – including before and after KPIs.

TIVIT delivers the cutting-edge technology services and environments that make its clients’ businesses possible. The company’s success reveals an unrelenting customer focus, which recently led its IT organization to reassess how it manages and handles incidents.

Bungie relies on BigPanda to help support the seamless operation of its iconic game universes including Destiny, Halo, Myth, Oni, and Marathon by automatically suppressing low-quality alerts.

One of the largest fixed wireless service providers in the U.S., Rise Broadband was experiencing significant expansion as a result of multiple acquisitions, and its IT Operations were seeing rapid growth as a result.

One of the world’s largest Media companies has been making aggressive technology investments to stay competitive in a world where viewers demand access to content anytime, anywhere and on any device.

A successful online video game developer, publisher and eSports tournament organizer has grown rapidly to have a global presence and tens of millions of players. As the company grew its operations and customer base, meeting player expectations became an increasingly difficult challenge.

Through its high-value applications and quality services, this software vendor had achieved consistently high customer satisfaction rankings and customer retention. To sustain this level of excellence, it’s critical that the company’s IT operations team continues to meet or exceed service level agreements.

One of the world’s largest semiconductor companies had undertaken an extensive number of digital transformation initiatives, and its IT Operations…