Case study

WEC Energy Group unified its distributed tools and services to gain comprehensive IT visibility and ecosystem management.

NYSE relies on AIOps to extract crucial incident insights, allowing teams to focus on innovation instead of manually investigating alert data.

Autodesk needed to streamline and improve its ITOps practice. With BigPanda in place, Autodesk reduced incidents by 69% and mean time to repair by 85%.

Cambia enriched its IT alert strategies, allowing its NOC team to identify critical alerts within 30 seconds.

IHG Hotels & Resorts leverages AIOps to achieve 99.8% availability across all its tools and environment.

Luxury vehicle manufacturer Lucid Motors uses BigPanda AIOps to filter out IT noise and optimize its ability to scale.

When CDI tripled the size of its organization, it brought in BigPanda — and reduced false positives within its system by 51%.

Zayo successfully manages a contextualized stream of actionable alerts by automatically filtering out 99.9% of alerts.

FreeWheel made it easier for response teams to detect problems from a first pane of glass and act on priority alerts, reducing MTTR by 78%.

Bungie relies on BigPanda to help support the seamless operation of its iconic game universes including Destiny, Halo, Myth, Oni, and Marathon by automatically suppressing low-quality alerts.