Project Description

Sync BigPanda and ServiceNow

Not every IT event should create a ticket in ServiceNow. If your incident queue is flooded with irrelevant events, your team will get overwhelmed… and ignore the few issues that really matter.

Use BigPanda to identify only events that are actionable based on patterns, priorities, and historical knowledge.

Notifications Routing

Automate your notifications across multiple collaboration tools: ServiceNow, JIRA, HipChat, Slack, PagerDuty, Zendesk, email, SMS and more.

Use BigPanda to create customized notification rules for any incident or custom environment across all your chat, ticketing and on-call tools.

Reduce Mean-Time-to-Detection by 95%

BigPanda automatically maps out the relationship between your IT alerts and intelligently groups them along a variety of attributes, such as: host, cluster, application, micro-service, data center, or any other customizable variable.

By clustering noisy alerts, BigPanda helps IT teams spot critical issues faster and reduces mean-time-to-detection by up to 95%

Get More Out of Sematext

Sematext is great at system monitoring, but it can generate a lot of noisy alerts. And those alerts often lack context about relevant information from other layers of your IT stack. That means IT teams have to manually search for more clues and connect the dots. That’s a lot of overhead.

BigPanda can help. BigPanda correlates your Sematext alerts with each other, as well as your other monitoring, metrics, and change management systems, such as: Splunk, New Relic, AppDynamics, Pingdom, Graphite and more.

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