Service Health Analytics: make better IT ops decisions faster

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It provides these pre-configured reports:

  1. Top alerting hosts
  2. Top alerting checks
  3. Correlation ratios from raw alerts to incidents
  4. Mean time to resolution for incidents

All dashboards provide two global filters – Environments and time periods – and all customizations can be named and saved for quick access. Pre-configured and custom dashboards can be shared externally with team members via one-click Snapshots.

I’ve seen hundreds of dashboards from at least that many vendors. I’m proud to say Service Health Analytics is the most elegant, easy to use design for IT ops.

Give it a try in your BigPanda org or sign up for a free trial and let me know what you think. There’s a feedback widget on the dashboard and we review (and respond to!) every comment or suggestion.

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Dan Turchin was BigPanda's VP of Product. Follow Dan on Twitter: @dturchin. Connect with Dan on LinkedIn.