Say Hello to Enhanced Role Based Access Control (RBAC) from BigPanda

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Role-based access control (RBAC) has become one of the main methods for system access control within large enterprises, assigning access to users based on their role in the organization. Employees are allowed to access only those resources that are necessary to effectively perform their assigned job duties.

As part of our ongoing product enhancements we’ve added a new visual interface to BigPanda’s role access control, previously available only through our API. While the API was, and is, a powerful way to facilitate integrations and automation, our customers wanted a more visual abstraction layer. In providing this interface, we allow admins to easily and intuitively map organizational structures, roles, and permissions.

And while ease of use is in itself a virtue, our new visual interface is more than just a simple way to create and assign roles. The new, intuitive display provides maximal transparency that can help minimize assignment errors. In IT Ops these can have substantial impact on the business: assigning fewer privileges than needed may result in missing incidents, risking availability, and not meeting SLAs; and assigning too many privileges may allow unauthorized personnel access to sensitive resources or the ability to change resources not assigned to them.

We invite you to learn more about our Role Based Access control on our documentation page and see how it can help you in maintaining continuous IT Ops management.

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