Integrate and correlate your Catchpoint alerts with BigPanda

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For the first time, joint customers can improve service health visibility by pairing systems monitoring from Catchpoint with powerful event management from BigPanda. The installation and configuration takes about 5 minutes to set up and allows you to automatically send Catchpoint alerts to BigPanda for correlation with alerts from your other monitoring tools, as well as code deployments and infrastructure changes. BigPanda’s Incident Management and Service Health Analytics allow ops teams to significantly reduce MTTR, and incidents can be easily shared with ticketing systems like ServiceNow and JIRA and collaboration solutions like Slack and HipChat.

Now available through the BigPanda portal, the Catchpoint integration is included at no extra charge with all subscriptions.

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Dan Turchin was BigPanda's VP of Product. Follow Dan on Twitter: @dturchin. Connect with Dan on LinkedIn.