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ServiceNow is in the forefront of what they like to refer to as the “consumerization” of enterprise technology. Just as there is an “app for everything” in our daily lives, ServiceNow is working to help make Enterprise IT management a little more manageable by changing the way people work. Through defining, structuring and automating work, they are creating an agile service experience for everyone in the enterprise. And, they’re taking it one step further.

Because the activities, tasks and processes that make up our day-to-day work life can happen through a common service model, ServiceNow is opening an online store. The ServiceNow Store, announced today, is a commercial enterprise application marketplace that allows customers to purchase and download a broad-range of third-party applications – including ours –  and integrations to improve their IT and business operations. Using the ServiceNow Store, customers can now access apps that consumerize their service experience, automate workflows across departments, integrate IT operations and deliver performance analytics.

By making service management from across the enterprise available on one easy to access platform, organizations can improve efficiency and lower the cost of their service delivery.

For BigPanda, we’re making a leap forward in bringing our industry-leading IT alert management platform openly available on the ServiceNow Store. Now, IT and NOC teams can part the sea of monitoring alerts from their cloud and data center environments by going online to .

A recent Forbes article based on IDC research of DevOps groups across multiple industries in the Fortune 1000 found that the average total cost of unplanned application downtime per year ranges from $1.25 to $2.5 billion. Billion. Mea

Worse yet, the average number of deployments per month is expected to double in two years. And, IT organizations that have tried to custom adjust current tools to meet DevOps practices have a failure rate of 80 percent, making system management a nightmare.

There are many great products on the market today to help manage these systems by providing alerts to potential or actual failures.  But, the lack of process, procedures, and just the simple ability to sift through one’s inbox to determine which problem needs to be handled first, can be overwhelming. It can bring out the animal in all of us.

That’s when you know it’s time to send in the BigPanda.

The data science behind our platform helps bring order to the chaos and avalanche of IT alert noise. By centralizing and normalizing your monitoring alerts from any system, data center or Cloud, BigPanda can reduce your MTTR by 80 to 90 percent, with less resources.

To find out more, come see us in our booth at Knowledge15 and we’ll give you one of our latest BigPanda t-shirts. Or, come visit us at for a free trial.

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