BigPanda Creates the 1000th Jenkins plugin

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Since we’re in the business of knowing ALL THE THINGS that happen in our virtual datacenter, an important factor is changes, which are typically deployments, builds, and system tests run by Jenkins (amongst others).
In BigPanda, these changes can be correlated with applications and server monitoring statuses, and provide critical information for determining the cause and severity of an incident in your environment.
So we went forth and wrote a Jenkins plugin that notifies BigPanda of builds and deployments.
Little did we know while submitting the plugin that we’d be the 1000th plugin available to Jenkins!

Feels like we won the geek lottery!

Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the EPIC man behind Jenkins (Hudson), noticed it, and contacted us to send a complimentary 3D printed Mr. Jenkins!
Here’s Mr. Jenkins here at BigPanda, surrounded and worshipped by our small Pandas:

Now listen Pandas, I've automated stuff before you were cubs...

Thank you Kohsuke for the gift, and thank you even more for your contribution to the open source community!

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