Outages | downtime

Learn how mid-sized organizations are using BigPanda’s SaaS-based platform to avoid IT outages as they scale. With Event Correlation and Automation, organizations are controlling operating costs while assuring service reliability.

Do you know how much a minute of downtime costs your organization? If you don’t, you’re not alone. We know that as an IT leader, you have a mandate to reduce costs, increase performance and availability and perhaps most important, drive the strategy for future scalability of your company’s tools and infrastructure.

The cost of downtime is higher than ever, amplifying pressure on IT Ops, NOCs, and DevOps to minimize outages. Meanwhile, it keeps getting harder to maintain system reliability. Augmenting IT Operations with artificial intelligence (AIOPs) can help relieve this pressure and enhance reliability by helping IT teams keep ahead of shifting, multilayered challenges. This CIO […]

Join BigPanda’s Dan Turchin and ServiceNow’s Patrick DeMartine to learn how to automate Event Management to suppress noisy alerts by integrating the two. Only getting notified when critical issues require action keeps your Ops teams focused on fixing the right problems faster. The integration takes minutes without code and the results are significant: up to […]