Discover how ServiceNow AIOps uses Artificial Intelligence, customer use cases, and how it transforms incident management for smarter IT operations.

In this webinar you’ll hear from Waste Management’s Udo Strick about how his company used automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to conquer ITOps challenges.

Rounding out our two-part Halloween special, Craig sits down with BigPanda NOC pros, Trey Roper and Jason Taylor as they get deep into some of their spooky NOC stories.

We chat about changing landscape of healthcare due to the pandemic, as well as the relevance of data, AIOps, and technology in advancing healthcare across the world.

We discuss incident management isn’t just about what’s left after the incident but, most importantly, how it could’ve been prevented and how it could be dealt with in the shortest amount of time.

Listen in as we talk about what it’s really like to be living in tool sprawl – and the best ways to tackle it.

BigPanda provides a streamlined process to seamlessly move from Netcool to an event correlation solution designed with transparent, powerful Open Box Machine Learning instead of just aggregation, connecting the dots across monitoring and management systems to reveal patterns and insights.

Netcool/Omnibus customers are faced with the challenge of trying to support dynamic, cloud based environments using a rules-based solution that was built in the 1990’s for legacy infrastructures. That’s why BigPanda created a five-step go-live process called “PANDA Rollout” designed to help large, complex enterprises go-live with BigPanda in under 12 weeks.