Rise Broadband’s Customers Demand High Availability and Performance

Case Study

Rise Broadband’s Customers Demand High Availability and Performance




More than 27,000 nodes


Eleven Integrations

Business Challenge

One of the largest fixed wireless service providers in the U.S., Rise Broadband was experiencing significant expansion as a result of multiple acquisitions, and its IT Operations were seeing rapid growth as a result. Working with disparate consoles and thousands of alerts, the network operations team was struggling to stay on top of its growing incident management workload. NOC engineers could only process a small percentage of network incidents, which meant they would sometimes miss critical issues. This was severely impacting the service to their customers.

BigPanda Solution

The BigPanda Autonomous Operations Platform applies Open Box Machine Learning to correlate alerts from all eight different Zabbix servers and displays incidents in the Unified Console. Now, when a problem arises at a tower, operators can readily view and manage the issue as a single incident—rather than having to sift through thousands of alerts, which takes time.

Business Impact

The Big Panda AO platform has been instrumental in helping the NOC team detect major network incidents and resolve service outages faster than ever before. Workflows have been streamlined. The NOC team’s productivity has substantially increased. Customers are significantly happier.

  • 90% Correlation of alerts into actionable incidents restores service faster
  • 27,000 nodes under management provides greater visibility and is proven to scale
  • Eleven integrations to monitoring, ticketing and collaboration tools

“Our customers are counting on our phone and internet services around the clock—so maximizing availability and performance is a critical mandate. Now that we have BigPanda, we track and view correlated incident data from across our complex infrastructure, and do so in a unified, centralized fashion. As a result, our NOC engineers gain the insights they need to detect and resolve issues more quickly—while at the same automating and streamlining their workflows.”
— Brian Kendall, VP of Service Assurance

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