Remedy - How to cut your Remedy tickets by 90%

Remedy – How to cut your Remedy tickets by 90%

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Avoid incident storms and deliver higher-quality business services

1. Find tools that will help you reduce the number of events that generate tickets in Remedy.

If every single IT event is creating a ticket in Remedy, you have a problem. Flooding your incident queue buries agents in irrelevant alerts and causes them to ignore the few issues that matter. Actually, alert storms don’t just cause your team to ignore events, but like the boy who cried wolf, a flood of alert noise trains them to ignore alerts.

Action item: Use data science principles, so you only create Remedy tickets for actionable events.

2. Regain your sanity by adding information to alerts.

You monitor everything with different tools. Each tool has its own dashboard, taxonomy, and features. It’s impossible to know what action to take and where to take it when something goes wrong.

Action item: Eliminate the noise with automated alert consolidation.

Restore sanity to your inbox. Use data science to identify only events that are actionable (based on patterns, priorities, and historical knowledge).

3. Eliminate false alarms.

Imagine knowing every incident requires action because 99% of false alarms are automatically suppressed. Now imagine your team can collaborate to resolve more issues faster because only the right people are notified every time.

Action item: Add BigPanda to Remedy, so you can stop imagining and start enjoying a false-alarm-free future.

4. Use data science concepts to protect your existing investments in monitoring tools, while also delivering higher-quality IT services.

Only BigPanda helps you aggregate alerts from all monitoring tools. BigPanda uses data science to suppress noise and enrich alerts with actionable.

Join the world’s most innovative IT organizations by using BigPanda to improve MTTR, while also improving SLA performance and reducing operating costs.

Try BigPanda for yourself, at no obligation, and learn how to cut down your Remedy tickets by as much as 90%.

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