Getty Images Reliably Delivers Millions of Images Daily to its Global Audience

Case Study

Getty Images Reliably Delivers Millions of Images Daily to its Global Audience




Improved MTTR by 50%


More than 3,000 nodes

Business Challenge

Getty Images requires a dependable IT infrastructure, so it can consistently provide users with access to a database of millions of images and other media. However, for the Network Operations Center (NOC) team, ensuring end users always had access was a huge challenge. Grappling with nearly 100,000 alerts every month from various monitoring tools, existing resources simply weren’t enough. The team needed to work smarter.

BigPanda Solution

The team at Getty Images adopted the BigPanda Autonomous Digital Operation Platform to automate and streamline the incident management process. To reduce the alert noise, Open Box Machine Learning was used to create actionable incidents for fast resolution.

Business Impact

The platform provides a wealth of objective data in the form of analytics. This arms managers throughout the organization with insights they need to make more informed decisions, including in staff utilization, infrastructure configuration and technology investments. The result has been, improved availability and happier customers.

  • 87% Correlation of alerts into actionable incidents restores service faster
  • Improved mean time to resolution (MTTR) by 50%
  • 22 Twenty Two integrations with various monitoring, ticketing and collaboration tools

“The volume of data we were tasked with monitoring was steadily increasing. We didn’t have the budget to add more people to our team, which means we needed to work smarter. BigPanda helped us automate the process of turning our numerous monitoring alerts into actionable insights. So instead of committing our resources to managing the chaos, we can now focus on managing the business.”
— Robert Duran, Director of Information Security