CMDB Evolved: Best Practices for CMDB

Make better, faster decisions through service-aware alerts

1. Understand that your CMDB is an IT intelligence goldmine.

Your organization’s IT resources are constantly expanding. The days of managing a few discrete systems are long gone. Now, IT leaders must keep track of servers, cloud services, software, mobile devices, network infrastructure, and a dizzying array of end points, from PCs and laptops to tablets, smartphones, and smart watches.

Action item: Add intelligence to CMDB.

While CMDB software will help you map out your IT and service ecosystem, it is important to add an additional layer of intelligence, one which maps alerts back to what generated them and why, so your Operations team can better, and more quickly understand root causes and reduce MTTR .

2. Zoom out to see the big picture.

Your CMDB contains everything you need to understand your business services: how they relate to critical infrastructure, how devices and apps are configured, and what state they’re in. Wouldn’t it be nice if your monitoring alerts were intelligently categorized and routed based on real-time awareness of the health of those services?

Action item: Make alerts service-aware by integrating monitoring with your CMDB. Map nodes, metrics, and checks to the infrastructure and services they impact.

3. Use that knowledge to drive change.

The promise of closed-loop change management and a real-time CMDB begins with listening and responding to health of services that are uniquely provided by monitoring beacons.

Action item: Test-drive monitoring tools that add intelligence to your CMDB.

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