BigPanda for HipChat Connect: The pint of Guinness your DevOps teams deserve

You’ve solved your noisy alert problem with BigPanda. Now solve your noisy ChatOps problem with BigPanda and HipChat, thanks to HipChat’s new integrations platform, HipChat Connect.

If every incident update were to push a new message, your Ops chatrooms would quickly become more crowded than O’Malley’s Pub on St. Patty’s Day. BigPanda now integrates with HipChat via HipChat Connect, so you can not only view the status of BigPanda incidents in HipChat, but also view incident details with links to relevant actions in the glance view beside the chat room.

Less clutter in HipChat rooms and less context switching to view incident details means shorter resolution times and better collaboration across teams. HipChat users now see incident status with a description of all correlated alerts and can take action from within HipChat to view the incident’s timeline or pause updates.

Unlike other collaboration tools, only HipChat lets teams do more than just chat. The new Connect framework makes it easy for BigPanda to deliver more value in the exact place where users are already conducting incident triage.

Since HipChat Connect is based on web standards like HTML5 and iframes, we were able to implement the integration in a few days and easily migrate existing features including stylesheets directly into HipChat. The integration is currently available through the Connect partner directory so customers can add it in a few clicks.


We’re proud of the integration, but even more proud of how it’s helping teams improve their collaboration. I heard from a customer last week that since they’re now able to manage BigPanda incidents within HipChat, they’ve decided to invite managers from outside Ops into the Ops chatroom. As a result, they’ve eliminated the slow process of manually calling all stakeholders for every critical incident, which means issues are communicated to customers faster and more accurately.

It’s not just a technology integration. It’s a way to deliver better customer service and more reliable apps. Consider it your own private O’Malley’s on St. Patty’s Day. Drink up.