ServiceNow Integration

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Integrate BigPanda seamlessly and bidirectionally with ServiceNow’s Incident (Ticket), CMDB and Change Management modules. Most enterprises use dozens of monitoring tools and systems, generating thousands of alerts on a daily basis. In the absence of effective event correlation, each of these alerts results in a new ServiceNow ticket. This means that a single incident can create stacks of redundant tickets. Many of these tickets lack critical contextual data. For service desk teams, Managing these tickets, understanding what’s impacted, and deciding who to escalate the tickets to can become very challenging and time consuming.

Many enterprises utilize ServiceNow as their primary platform to manage the service ticket lifecycle, IT component configuration, changes and releases. By aggregating data from all of these systems and applying intelligent alert correlation, BigPanda’s integration with ServiceNow allows customers to reduce the volume of their service tickets, as well as enrich those tickets with relevant environment attributes, probable root cause, and information on environment changes that may be relevant. These enhancements result in increased efficiency within the IT Ops and Service Desk teams, shorter MTTR, and reduced duration and frequency of service degradations and outages.

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Because IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams can’t handle the floods of monitoring alerts, while sifting through large volumes of change and topology datasets in real-time, incidents & outages

  • occur more frequently,
  • last longer than ever,
  • frustrate customers and users,
  • impact the brand
  • result in loss to revenue,
  • and increase operating costs.

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Also, because there is no easy way to measure, track and report on key IT Ops KPIs, it’s exceedingly hard to identify problem areas and hotspots to drive long-term improvements, or identify redundant monitoring tools. In the absence of that, teams are resolving the same issues over and over, teams are not consistently productive and efficient across different NOCs or different NOC shifts, and the enterprise is paying for redundant or non-value-adding monitoring tools.

IT Ops execs tracking IT Ops KPIs such as MTTA (Mean Time to Acknowledge), MTTD (Detect), MTTI (Investigate) and MTTR (Resolve or Remediate) are unhappy with the state of IT Operations, and with their IT Ops, NOC teams and DevOps teams.

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