AIOps Case Study: TIVIT

BigPanda helps TIVIT power the future of enterprise digital solutions with AIOps

TIVIT delivers the cutting-edge technology services and environments that make its clients’ businesses possible. The company’s success reveals an unrelenting customer focus, which recently led its IT organization to reassess how it manages and handles incidents.

At the time, 15+ tools worked in isolation from each other, generating an overwhelming total of 41,000 tickets per month. Seven separate IT Support “super teams” were siloed apart by function. That isolation prevented TIVIT from having an end-to-end picture of the environment, leaving IT unable to work holistically on customer-facing issues.

The BigPanda platform helped TIVIT overcome those challenges by aggregating, enriching and correlating alerts, as well as enhancing teams’ ability to interact and collaborate. As a result, IT Operations is more efficient and successful at enabling top-tier services and customer experience.

Reducing noise and revealing insights

Breaking down operational siloes, BigPanda adds greater context to alerts so they can be analyzed, compared, curated and combined. Consolidating 41,000 monthly tickets into 16,000—a reduction of 60%—the platform makes it easier for analysts to focus on priority activities. As a result, TIVIT has increased satisfaction among key customers by slashing MTTR by 40%.

In response to COVID-19, 90% of TIVIT employees—including the super teams—now work from home. BigPanda enables this “new normal” reality, improving communication and collaboration across tools and teams. The IT organization is now more effective than ever at its core imperative to deliver a consistently outstanding customer experience.

The building blocks of a world-class customer experience

Teams without siloes

Ensuring that the IT Support function is unconstrained by artificial boundaries between tools and teams is a core tenet of TIVIT’s collaborative approach to incident resolution. BigPanda helps by breaking down operational siloes, bringing data from TIVIT’s formerly isolated IT Ops tools into a single platform, for real-time visualization and action using BigPanda’s central operations console. That end-toend perspective gives everyone involved access to consistent and complete information, driving operational efficiencies with rapid real-time incident handling and rich historical reports and analytics. Teams are no longer hampered by having to react solely to isolated, inconsistent views and can address customer and business needs more directly.

Next-generation IT

The focus on AIOps is part of a broader initiative at TIVIT for next-generation IT that prioritizes customer experience, rather than a more traditional, technology-centric approach. That focus explicitly goes beyond tools and technology as it fosters higher efficiency within IT operations. The TIVIT initiative recognizes that IT modernization must also optimize collaboration and workflow across organizations. By enabling that cross-organizational vision, BigPanda helps TIVIT distinguish its competitive position as a center for innovation.

Alert correlation to reduce noise

The BigPanda platform is central to normalization, enrichment and correlation of alert data. This is powered by BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning technology, which provides transparency, testability and controllability. Users can edit and experiment with the underlying logic to incorporate tribal knowledge held by teams, run what-if experiments and finetune results. At TIVIT, these BigPanda capabilities presently transform some 3M alerts per month into just 16,000 tickets. With less alert noise and more context, their teams can stay focused on evolving events and incidents.

Accelerated root-cause analysis

BigPanda makes it easier for IT support analysts at TIVIT to identify the root cause of incidents. The BigPanda platform ingests alerts from TIVIT’s 15+ IT Ops tools and enriches them with deep contextual data, including interrelationships and dependencies among hardware, software and other components of the enterprise stack. On the basis of that rich data, BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning correlates events into insight-rich incidents. The probable root cause surfaced by this process, along with other BigPanda features such as Real Time Topology Mesh and Incident Timeline, helped reduce MTTR for key customers by 40% since implementing the BigPanda platform.

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