Business Challenge

A successful online video game developer, publisher and eSports tournament organizer has grown rapidly to have a global presence and tens of millions of players. As the company grew its operations and customer base, meeting player expectations became an increasingly difficult challenge.

BigPanda Solution

BigPanda’s Autonomous Operations (AO) Platform was deployed into the NOC after they had spent many frustrating months, with numerous external consultants, on a similar product. The AO platform’s Open Box Machine Learning created correlation patterns within days, and the NOC immediately saw millions of alerts correlating down to a handful of actionable incidents. BigPanda’s Unified Console enables their teams to seamlessly collaborate on efficient incident resolution and supports their vision for zero-touch automation.

Business Impact

With the BigPanda AO Platform deployed, the online video gaming company can now grow the business by releasing new games. Being able to scale and continue to provide a world-class in-game experience for millions of players has resulted in a more predictable expansion model.