Business Challenge

Through its high-value applications and quality services, this software vendor had achieved consistently high customer satisfaction rankings and customer retention. To sustain this level of excellence, it’s critical that the company’s IT operations team continues to meet or exceed service level agreements. To do so, the company must deliver reliable, rewarding SaaS experiences to customers around the globe. Meeting this mandate had become increasingly challenging for the IT operations team, which is tasked with monitoring performance issues across servers located in several data centers worldwide.

BigPanda Solution

The BigPanda AO platform boosts staff efficiency and productivity through the Unified Console to monitor and manage all applications, services and infrastructure. The solution supports granular, role-based access so each user only views incidents aligned with their specific roles and responsibilities. The platform ingests data from monitoring tools, configuration management databases (CMDBs) and more. Streamlined workflows with Jira Service Desk and Slack allows incidents to be triaged, fixed, or automatically escalated to next-level responders.

Business Impact

Since deploying the BigPanda AO platform, the operations team has optimized its incident life cycle workflows. Creation of service tickets is automatic, saving time and effort. BigPanda adds contextual information, such as change and runbook data, to correlated incidents, so root cause is easier to determine. Not only does this streamline investigation and escalation, but it significantly accelerates time-to-resolution when issues arise. The company now effectively and consistently meets or exceeds customer SLAs. As a result, the operations center is helping to ensure that the company’s customer satisfaction ratings remain sky-high.

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