AIOps Case Study: Endurance

Endurance Uses BigPanda to Power its Online Marketing Experience Across 83 Brands

Business Challenge

Endurance International Group is a web hosting and online marketing company with world-leading brands including HostGator, Constant Contact, and Bluehost. It has become the dominant player in its space through numerous acquisitions over the years. On a 24×7 basis, customers count on Endurance for their communications and their very livelihoods, which means it is vital that the company’s operations always deliver continuous availability and high performance.

With an IT environment that includes more than 40,000 nodes, Endurance’s IT Ops teams were overwhelmed by high volumes of insight-poor alerts. Combined with their 30 silo-ed monitoring tools, this led to fragmented internal processes and low productivity. On top of that, the silo-ed and fragmented nature of operations created a lack of visibility – which meant that managers could not make data-driven decisions about IT Ops staff productivity and utilization, infrastructure issues, and tool/technology investments.

BigPanda Solution for Endurance International Group

The team at Endurance rolled out BigPanda’s Autonomous Operation (AO) Platform to a couple of their key brands. Based on immediate positive impact, they rapidly standardized on BigPanda across all their online properties. In addition to leveraging AO’s Open Box Machine Learning to significantly reduce alert noise, they have integrated AO with their orchestration solution for end-to-end autonomous remediation. Endurance’s operations teams also rely on BigPanda’s Unified Analytics for real-time insights and historical data analysis to continuously improve their tools, teams and processes.

BigPanda Business Impact for Endurance International Group

With BigPanda’s AO Platform, Endurance leverages a unified operational paradigm globally across all its online properties including new acquisitions that are seamlessly and rapidly integrated. Using AO’s automation, Endurance has achieved significant improvements in Service Availability. With the insights of unified analytics, Endurance has been able to keep their operational costs down while scaling their user base exponentially.

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