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Project Description

Centralize & Correlate Your Alerts

Cloudwatch is great at helping you to monitor your AWS resources and the applications you run on them. It’s key to maintaining the health of any cloud-based infrastructure. But you’re probably also using Nagios, Zabbix, New Relic & more to monitoring additional parts of your production stack. The modern proliferation of monitoring tools makes seeing the health of your infrastructure harder than ever. Now BigPanda is here to help you pull it all together.

You don’t need an alternative after all. We found the solution. BigPanda with Cloudwatch – The alternative to a flood of alerts.

Aggregate and consolidate alerts automatically on the fly

BigPanda’s powerful aggregation engine normalizes alerts fromCloudwatch and all of your other monitoring systems into a single consolidated incident management center. Then, BigPanda analyzes your alert stream in real time as alerts are detected and it intelligently groups those alerts into a simplified list of high-level incidents.

Finally, there’s an alternative to 10,000 Cloudwatch alerts in your inbox. BigPanda can help.

Reduce Cloudwatch investigation by 95% or more!

In real time, BigPanda automatically maps out the relationships between Cloudwatch alerts using host, cluster, application, data center, custom tag, and other variables. You get powerfulCloudwatch alert consolidation with near-zero set up.

BigPanda, together with Cloudwatch, is the alternative to spending all of your time digging through alerts. Spend less time hunting and more time fixing real problems.

Get BigPanda & Cloudwatch together

BigPanda takes the power of Cloudwatch to a whole new level. Cloudwatch is great at finding alerts, but you need more than that. You need a tool to manage your entire incident management process. BigPanda & Cloudwatch is the alternative to the slow and manual process of managing alerts.

BigPanda simplifies and automates your Cloudwatch alert stream. Finally there’s an better way. And BigPanda isn’t just forCloudwatch alerts. It works with dozens of other systems too.

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