Whiskey and wisdom: AIOps as a strategy

Whiskey and wisdom: AIOps as a strategy

Whiskey and Wisdom is a monthly executive-only forum where ITOps leaders can network independently and discuss high-level AIOps and ITOps strategies with their industry peers.

In our most recent session, the discussion was geared specifically towards AIOps—its hype and its reality. Here are some quick value takeaways from the conversation:

Organizations who are deriving the most value from AIOps are exemplifying two major adoption drivers: human bandwidth and enterprise growth capability. Enterprises are taking in more and more data each day and simply put: humans cannot keep up. As the complexity of IT environments surge to exponential degrees, the ability to manage goes down as human bandwidth is stretched thin. AIOps provides a critical service to allow IT Ops enterprises to truly scale while enhancing the way they operate.

Despite this fact, AIOps still faces an overall adoption rate that is low. This may be in part due to a confusion between AIOps and the IT Ops Stack. AIOps extends across the IT Operational stack, but most people don’t talk about it that way or have a limited viewpoint of what AIOps really does. This is largely driven by the notion that AIOps is only for events management and events handling, but if you go back to the roots of operations and maintenance, AIOps goes well beyond events. Events and monitoring are the core use cases because of the surplus of data there is to consume, but AI extends across an entire operational stack and IT organization.

So while there is still some stigma or misconception around the full scope of what AIOps can offer, do not think that adoption will remain low for much longer. There is a clear and steady increase in businesses looking at AIOps through the initial medium of proof-of-concepts, and therefore we can expect a natural progression for these new technologies to increase in use as more enterprises seek its value.

As these advantages of AIOps are accepted, so is the concept of AIOps as a strategy. Introducing AI into IT Ops changes everything—processes, behavior, communications, and more. When organizations see it as more than just a category or type of toolset, it will facilitate the changes that flow across every facet of their enterprise as well as encourage widespread adoption internally across their teams.

Whiskey and Wisdom sessions occur monthly and the topics will always focus on high-level trends in the IT Ops community. This closed forum is invite-only to ensure the conversation remains interactive and derives maximum value. And yes, whiskey will be provided.