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The grass is pretty damn green here: why BigPanda is my home

Joe De Andrade

In 2019, I joined BigPanda, a very small organization with an amazing product. We had a few big customers, and we were growing. While it looked like business was solid, I left to pursue another opportunity. Even after I left, I kept my eye on BigPanda—how they performed during 2020, how they thrived with exploding market interest, and how well the business was running. I realized I’d walked away from something very special, so I reached out to my former colleagues and the opportunity presented itself to return.

Here’s what I have learned since I got back: BigPanda has achieved massive growth, while barely scratching the surface of potential customer volume. And I’m not the only one who has noticed. The most recent round of funding is proof that the progress and opportunities have caught the eye of investors, and from an employee perspective, the horizon is wide as well.

An unmatched market opportunity

Part of what makes BigPanda so special, and able to command such growth, is the fact that it is the only company solely focused on true AIOps—AI built specifically for IT Ops use cases. Other companies say they do AIOps, but if they do, they don’t do it like BigPanda. The fact that our customers are evangelists of BigPanda is a testament to the fact that our solution works as promised, and customers see tangible value from it every day.

As companies continue to onboard cloud and microservices, but want to run these technologies without adding headcount and operational costs, they’ll need AIOps. We will continue to see businesses aiming to do more with less. Complexity will go up, but they will need a way to handle it without adding bodies. That’s the core problem BigPanda solves.

A special culture

Lots of companies talk about how special their cultures are, but part of the reason I returned to BigPanda was because of how special the culture actually is. In sales specifically, there is a dramatically different way of doing things compared to the typical standards that others follow.

First, the support for sales from the marketing department is unique. Sales enablement at BigPanda is robust, and we have a treasure trove of resources to help us walk a prospect through their journey. But additionally, the sales culture is built around mutual support. We are all here to help each other, and that’s not just talk. We all share what each prospect and customer cares about, and when we bring on customers, we share what they did with BigPanda. We share what the value was that the customer received, which makes a huge difference to the sales team.

I’ve worked in organizations where a product was being sold, but the field had no idea how the customers actually used the product or how they derived value from it. It’s hard to sell that way, and customers can tell when you don’t know. But BigPanda is unique in its sales team’s communication for the betterment of the customer experience and our own growth.

And this sense of openness extends throughout other departments. It builds on itself, inspiring employees to help each other do better and put their best into their jobs. Meanwhile, we’re all having fun.

“If you get a deal to POV, it’ll close.”

That’s what I tell others about the sales experience at BigPanda—because it’s true. This assuredness after proof of value (POV) is unheard of in other industries and at other companies. For the prospect, it might feel like pulling an elephant through a keyhole in that it requires alignment and thoroughness on both sides. But the results are transparency on objectives, clarity of results, and mutual accountability. It’s part of the reason I came back to BigPanda, but it’s only a sliver of the equation. Life at BigPanda feels like we’re in this together, we’ve got each other’s backs, and the world is our oyster. I haven’t found that freedom and support anywhere else, and I doubt I ever will.

For anyone in the field who wants to work for a company where success is yours to have, and customers are at the center of everything you do, reach out. I can tell you how green the grass is here.