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Snooze Auto-Cancel

BigPanda’s snooze feature allows users to effectively prioritize and triage incoming incidents by providing the ability to put non-urgent issues on the backburner. Incidents can be snoozed for as little as one hour up to an entire month. Our latest update to this popular feature allows users to automatically cancel snoozed incidents based on a change in incident state. For example, auto-cancel occurs when a snoozed incident receives a new alert, increases in status severity, or is resolved or reopened. Click here to learn how to set up auto-cancel.

Enhanced UI Performance and Incident Feed Search

This month we launched an update to our incident feed which offers a faster refresh when you log in to the BigPanda dashboard. The faster load time allows users to quickly switch between Environments or navigate to incidents in BigPanda from external tickets. We also introduced a new search feature which allows you to dive deeper and perform targeted searches within the incident feed. The BigPanda search language (BPQL – BigPanda Query Language) allows you to create advanced queries or search for values in a specific tag. Previously, only keyword searches were available. Click here to learn more.

Improved BigPanda Agent

Our latest version of the BigPanda agent prevents duplicate app key errors among multiple agents and provides troubleshooting log messages to help with agent errors. It allows you to configure more logging options, such as the level of logging, the location where the logs are saved, file size, and the number of logs in rotation. See updates here and here for details.

These are just a few recent highlights from the BigPanda product team. Head over to our Announcements page for more!

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