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Network Operations Center Best Practices: NOC Monitoring Tools

Adopt the monitoring strategy used by the world’s most respected IT teams by using BigPanda to reduce noise and only generate incidents for critical issues

Every second of MTTR (Mean Time to Resolution) reduction improves your ability to compete which means finding critical issues instantly is extremely important. Whether it’s application or cloud monitoring, BigPanda inspects every monitoring alert in real time and consolidates them automatically into high-level incidents. 

BigPanda’s NOC monitoring views help your ITSM team improve the incident management process by making it easy to notify and communicate with the right people to resolve the right problems. The result? Your company dramatically reduces MTTR and restores services quickly.

BigPanda seamlessly syncs with ServiceNow and JIRA service desks. So in your NOC, the monitoring of tickets and problem management is no longer manual. Your entire team can stay up-to-date and avoid the time and cost of triaging duplicate alerts.

NOC monitoring isn’t all about the alerts. You’ve got a complex stack with runbooks, a wiki, time-series metrics, and a wealth of organizational knowledge. BigPanda pulls it all together. Go directly from incidents to runbooks without digging and searching. Easily access Graphite, InfluxDB, knowledge articles and more. With BigPanda, your NOC responders get quick and granular insights when they need them most. No more wandering from system to system. 

And, BigPanda was built for scale so you’ll never miss an alert or suffer delays during event storms. We understand that NOC monitoring data can be highly sensitive and BigPanda goes to great lengths to protect it. From our compliance with ISO, PCI DSS and SOC1 standards, all the way to continuously executing real-time backups, if it’s in BigPanda, you can count on the fact that it’s safe and secure.

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