New Relic and BigPanda = #Monitoringlove

Connect New Relic to BigPanda

You’ve been alerted and you need to take action. But in order to truly understand the incident, you first need to see those New Relic alerts in the context of alerts from your other monitoring systems like Nagios, OpsView, Icinga, Cloudwatch and the others. Next, it’s important to be able to quickly correlate between alerts from the application stack to the server or network stack. You want to easily assign incidents to other members of your team so you can make sure that every incident has a clear owner and you can track it’s progress until it has been resolved. Maybe above all, you want to stop using email to do all of the above.

This is where BigPanda comes in. BigPanda gives Modern Ops teams a dynamic, automated incident management solution. BigPanda cuts through the complexity of your monitoring stack and consolidates alerts from all of your monitoring systems. See incidents more clearly. And New Relic is a great place to start. Connecting New Relic and BigPanda is so easy, it’ll take you less than 5 minutes to complete. We promise!

How does it work?

Simple! Create a webhook notification channel in New Relic and let BigPanda do the heavy lifting for you. By leveraging New Relic’s REST API, BigPanda will automatically attach the new notification channel of every alert policy configured in New Relic. Just like that, BigPanda and New Relic are working together.

What will I see in BigPanda?

Once the webhook is configured, every new alert from New Relic will be streamed in real time directly into the incident list in BigPanda. Alerts that belong to the same application, key transaction or server are automatically grouped together into the same incident using BigPanda’s clustering algorithm. This simplifies your alert list instantly and makes incident discovery and management much easier than it would have been with a long series of disconnected email notifications. Incidents are closed only when all alerts associated with them are resolved. Clicking on an incident shows you exactly which alerts have already been resolved and which are still outstanding.


What about new policies?

Don’t worry about that – we’ve got you covered! BigPanda will make sure that the relevant notification channel will automagically be attached to any new alert policies in New Relic. No manual maintenance is required whatsoever. Connect New Relic and BigPanda once and you’re good to go.

Don’t let your New Relic alerts fall between the cracks.

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