ITOM Industry Update, Jan. 2018

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Here at BigPanda we have a vision of using machine learning to automate and scale enterprise IT Service Operations. We’re always on the lookout for interesting insight, opinion and advice from the IT Operations Management market that might be important to you.

What’s our point of view in curating this list of ITOM Industry News You Can Use?

Cloud and DevOps have radically transformed the data center in terms of scale, fragmentation and speed. That’s left IT Operations teams – whose job it is to manage mission critical applications and infrastructure – struggling to catch up and keep their businesses running smoothly. We believe that automating manual and inefficient incident management processes helps enterprises meet the demanding IT service requirements of digital transformation. Legacy solutions for IT Event Management from the big IT vendors are no longer suitable solutions for modern and highly dynamic IT environments. So with this perspective in mind…

Here’s our roundup of the most interesting ITOM industry news articles from the last month.


Survey Finds Business Executives Are Quickly Getting on Board the AI Train, SiliconANGLE, 10 Nov 2017
A survey of 500 B2B executives by Harvard Business Review found that 60% believe “their future success depends on AI implementation.” Respondents were nearly unanimous in seeing a need for machine learning in their organizations, 52% say they understand the benefits AI can deliver, and more than one-third are already in pilot or production with the technology. The report rightly concludes that “[AI] is not about replacing humans; it’s about enabling humans to focus on the things they are uniquely good at.”

Get the Most from Your IT Ops Analytics Tools, TechBeacon, 8 Nov 2017
Companies that have adopted ITOA tools don’t always utilize them most effectively for smooth IT operations. Here’s a set of best practices to ensure full return on these investments when collecting and analyzing IT performance data. They include embedding analysis in existing IT Ops processes, breaking down monitoring silos, offering role-specific dashboards for different users, among others.

The Best Way for Dev and Ops to Collaborate, DEVOPSdigest, 6 Nov 2017
This epic 7-part series is filled with diverse opinions and enlightening tips from experts across our industry – including consultants, analysts, organizations, users and leading vendors – on how to foster collaboration between business, IT development and IT operations. Topics addressed include how to get started, set up teams, communication and recommended tools.

Why Hasn’t AI Taken Off Yet in Monitoring?, Medium, 24 October 2017
It’s always enlightening to hear a contrarian opinion. This article is a counter-point to AI hype in the IT industry. The article asserts that good IT operational practices dictate that every issue and problem be assumed unique. The limitations of training a machine learning system with existing data means that the insights returned by AI are unlikely to be terribly helpful. AI is probably better suited to pointing out discrepancies and anomalies in performance over time, it concludes. However, “the easier we can make life for the people on the front lines of monitoring and alert response, the better for everyone.”

Data-Driven Decision Making: A Single Source of the Truth?, LinkedIn, 24 Oct 2017
Geoffrey Moore is a true industry guru, the author of Crossing the Chasm – a foundation text of modern software marketing. He examines where we sit on his Digital Systems Maturity Model and muses that we may be closer than ever to the elusive “single source of truth”. He concludes, If it can be automated, it should be automated. Where is BigPanda on Moore’s model? We are a System of Intelligence today… but rapidly on our way to becoming a System of Autonomy (thankyouverymuch)!


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