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How to be successful with Unified Analytics

How to be successful with Unified Analytics

As an ITOps professional, it can be challenging to justify all of your actions to your organization. After talking with many of you, we saw first-hand the pains and gaps around showing the impact of your team and the constant struggle to measure how you’re improving. That’s where Unified Analytics comes into play. With this innovative tenet of the BigPanda platform, you’re able to easily and quickly provide a new way to connect business value to your teams as well as find the answers you need when people in your organization have pressing questions. Our ultimate goal is your success.

In this on-demand session from Pandapalooza, our Vice President of Customer Success, Shmeff Efroni, joined our Senior Values and Adoption Officer, Sterling Nostedt, to discuss the ins and outs of Unified Analytics. Read on to learn more about Unified Analytics from this webinar.

4 pillars of ITOps value

When talking to our customers recently, we have seen that many of them said that a lack of measurable value or metrics was the biggest challenge to determining IT value. We understand that it can be difficult to communicate this, so we’d like to share the four pillars of ITOps value:

  1. Unify ITOps alert data: This is how your team can get the most holistic view of your data and aligns with the BigPanda Alert Intelligence service. It allows you to have consistent and reliable data.
  2. End-to-end visibility: Categorize your data in a way that will solve a lot of the heavy lifting for your team.
  3. Self-service analytics: This was the #1 ask from customers, and it includes easy drag-and-drop functionality.
  4. KPI exploration: Instead of engineering and a lot of effort, you can get answers in a matter of minutes by quickly looking at your data.

What makes BigPanda Unified Analytics unique

Unified Analytics allows you to take all of your ITOps data and put it into one central place that’s highly structured and accessible. Higher visibility allows you to think about ITOps in a more holistic way. Since BigPanda ingests a variety of data from different sources, Unified Analytics allows you to consume the data in an easier-to-digest format and create your own dashboards that are relevant to your organization.

Whether you’re brand new or well-established in your ITOps journey, there will always be new goals that Unified Analytics can help you solve. With Unified Analytics, it’s as simple as establishing goals and metrics, then BigPanda ingests and analyzes the data, allowing you to take the correct action. The BigPanda team is always here to help if you have any questions about how to get started.

Best practices for ITOps

We see many different best practices from our customers. First, self-service is a huge part of the benefits of BigPanda, and we’ve seen many customers take our out-of-the-box dashboards and adjust them easily to meet their needs. Second, it’s crucial to create a process for continuous improvement. In the field, a process is needed to get everything that is required. Third, noise reduction has become a hot topic in the ITOps community. With BigPanda, you can expect that your alert noise will be drastically reduced.

View the session to learn more about Unified Analytics

Unified Analytics has the potential to transform your organization from the inside out. When you have the insights you need, you have the tools you need for success. Check out the full session here.