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Incident Assignment

As the proverb goes, two captains will sink the ship. Promote accountability and make sure incidents are resolved on time by assigning a single owner to every active incident. BigPanda makes it easy to assign incidents. Click on the assign icon (it looks like a person with a + next to his head). Then select a member of your team from the list.


Ensure Assignment Visibility

Is the right person not in the list yet? Don’t worry, you can simply type the email address of a teammate. They’ll get an invite message along with the assignment notification. Faster than you can say ‘DOS Attack!!!,’ your whole team will be collaborating together in a single consolidated incident management system.

When you assign an incident to a person, BigPanda contacts them via email or a desktop notification. This makes sure that everyone knows exactly what’s expected of them. Support for PagerDuty and mobile notifications is on the BigPanda roadmap and will be coming rapidly. Assigning all of your active incidents will ensure that nothing ever falls through the cracks. Everyone in your organization can use the incident feed to see who’s working on what.

Easily Find Your Assigned Incidents

Once you’ve been assigned to some issues, you can use the My Tasks folder to see all of the incidents that have been assigned to you. If you’re on triage-duty, the Unassigned folder shows any incidents that weren’t assigned (or snoozed). The best practice for incident-response on leading Ops teams is to keep the Unassigned folder empty at all times. So we’ve made this as easy for you as possible.

My Tasks & Unassigned Folders

With BigPanda, taking care of your production environment is both efficient and painless. It’s automated and insightful more than ever before. We look forward to having you as a BigPanda customer. Please feel free to Contact us with any request or inquiry.

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