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Usability and control are key elements in BigPanda’s Operations Console, where IT Ops, NOC and DevOps users investigate and take action on IT incidents. Let’s take a look at how BigPanda’s powerful Split Incident and Merge Incidents features provide IT Ops with an added layer of control. 

BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning correlates and enriches the overwhelming amount of alerts IT Ops needs to deal with into a reduced number of insight-rich incidents (often 95% fewer). This surfaces probable root-cause, which facilitates easier, faster incident resolution. The resulting incidents are displayed in the Operations Console, with each incident also displaying the alerts from which it is comprised.

In some cases, these correlated incidents need to be split so as to remove certain alerts, or merged together with other related incidents. 

This is where BigPanda’s Split Incident and Merge Incidents features come in handy.

Split Incident

A common customer use case which one of our large retailer customers surfaced, is where a certain incident needs to be divided between two IT Ops teams or more, so that each team deals with a different aspect of the incident (in this case – a DB problem combined with an application problem). 

Using the Split Incident feature, specific alerts from an incident can be chosen and removed to create a new, second incident. Each resulting incident can now be shared with its relevant team.

The Split Incident feature is also useful when users want to move an alert from one incident to another – in which case they would split the alert from the original incident, and then use the Merge Incidents feature to add it to the other incident, which we’ll talk about next.

Merge Incidents

The need to merge incidents often arises when they are related and need to be managed together. 

For instance, an airline customer of ours discussed a use case where a NOC operator investigates an incident relating to a high error rate in an app, shares it with other team members (via ServiceNow), and then comes across another incident showing a large message queue – which they know is related to the app they have just investigated and shared. They can now easily join both incidents by  merging the new incident into the one already shared.


Split Incident and Merge Incidents are just two of the many features BigPanda offers, to help you detect, investigate and resolve incidents easier and faster than ever before.

Read more about the BigPanda Autonomous Operation Platform, and browse the documentation to get the full picture.

About the Author:

Shai Israel is BigPanda’s Head of Product Management