Custom integrations, your way: Using the BigPanda alerts API

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In today’s complex and fast-paced IT environments, Ops and DevOps teams often rely on a wide range of monitoring tools to successfully detect and investigate critical issues. While each solution may be well-suited to a particular use case or team, it can be hard to gain the overall visibility you need to quickly resolve issues. BigPanda helps IT teams by automatically correlating related alerts into high-level incidents, providing the visibility you need to cut through the noise, spot critical issues faster, and reduce time to resolution.

It doesn’t matter which tools you use, you can easily integrate your entire monitoring stack with BigPanda. Simply install one of our out-of-the-box integrations or build a custom integration with the BigPanda alerts API. To make API integrations even easier, we offer a range of custom integration recipes that provide the instructions, code samples, screenshots, and other helpful links you need to get started.

Let’s take a look at three of our latest integration recipes, developed in coordination with Logentries, Dataloop, and API Fortress…

Logentries BufferLogentries provides IT teams with real-time log data monitoring for systems, apps, and services. You can integrate Logentries by configuring a webhook that triggers a custom script to send alerts to BigPanda. First, identify an active server where you can install and run the custom script. Then, create an app key in BigPanda, and configure each Logentries alert to run the script whenever the alert is triggered. Learn more.


Dataloop provides a monitoring service for DevOps and Operations teams running online services. You can integrate Dataloop by configuring your alerts to send info to BigPanda via a webhook. First, create an app key in BigPanda, then configure each Dataloop alert to send the app key along with the default alert payload whenever the alert is triggered. Learn more.


API Fortress BufferAPI Fortress is an enterprise platform which monitors and tests APIs, recognizes payload vulnerabilities or flaws, and facilitates corrective actions without writing code. You can integrate with API Fortress to manage your test failure alerts as correlated, high-level incidents in BigPanda. Simply create an app key in BigPanda, then configure the API Fortress connector to use the app key and your authorization token when sending alerts to BigPanda. Learn more.


Our full list of custom integration recipes is available here, with more to come!

If you’re using a tool that isn’t currently included in our API recipes list or on our extensive list of turnkey integrations, you can build your own custom integration with the alerts API by following these steps. Then, be sure to tell us about it so we can share your custom recipe with the BigPanda community!

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