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It’s time for change – my first insight from GartnerIO, 2018.

During my flight to Vegas I remembered that this was probably my 15th visit to a conference in Vegas (but who can really count…after a few, it all starts to blur together).

What I do remember though is that, in each of these conferences, there was one very shiny buzzword. The reason I remember this so well is because, while everyone agreed on what the buzzword was, there was no consensus on what that word meant!  

This time at Gartner IOCS, I can tell that it’s different.

Digital Transformation is here – it’s clear to all, and its importance for businesses everywhere is also clear. Interestingly, there is consensus this time around. There is consensus that every company must go through a digital transformation, or risk going out of business. There is also a consensus on at least on one of the major impediments to a successful transformation: the barrier to digital transformation is not a technical one – it’s a cultural one.

People are, naturally, afraid of change.

Why, you ask? A good explanation for why people are afraid of change comes from The Prospect Theory (in cognitive psychology). The theory was created in 1979 and further developed in 1992, as a better, more psychologically accurate description of decision making.

The main takeaway from this theory, and the illustration above, is that a loss tends to create a greater feeling of pain (negative value) as compared to the joy (positive value) created by an equivalent gain (100).

That’s why, when an organization wants to succeed with digital transformation, it should look very seriously at what motivates and frustrates its people today – and then select the technology and tools that can both be embraced by its teams enthusiastically, and meet its digital transformation goals.

That then brings me to the main reason I’m here in Vegas: BigPanda.

BigPanda, a powerful (Open Box) Machine Learning-driven IT Ops tool, is being embraced enthusiastically by transformational IT leaders because it helps digitally transforming organizations succeed while dramatically improving the lives of its IT Ops and NOC teams.

Remember what I said about technology and change above?

BigPanda has proven successful at driving progress in IT and digital operations because it solves issues – reducing the pain –  for each of the main constituents – from the L1 operator to the L3 specialist. From the NOC manager to the VP of IT Ops to the IT executive. This means that BigPanda works with human nature instead of going against it, which is especially important when you’re rolling out new technology like machine learning.

If you’re at Gartner this week in Vegas, and you want to talk about change or if you want to talk about The Prospect Theory, or if you just want to see BigPanda’s unique, game-changing Open Box Machine Learning technology in action, visit us at booth #105.

Oh, one more thing! You are also welcome to join us on Wednesday morning, Dec 5, at  9:15am to hear IT leaders from United Airlines share their path to autonomous digital and IT operations, and why BigPanda is a trusted partner on this journey.

Want to learn more about BigPanda and BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning? Just drop us a note and we’ll schedule a demo.

About the Author:

Haim Snir
Haim is a Senior Product Manager at BigPanda. He has over 15 years of experience in the IT Operations space and has worked closely with a number of F1000 customers. Before joining BigPanda, Haim founded and ran his own company, an IOT monitoring solution for the enterprise market.