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BigPanda’s exciting new partnership with Optm

BigPanda's exciting new partnership with Optm

BigPanda is proud to announce its newest partnership with Optm, a leading next-generation services and solutions provider. Optm offers more than 20 years experience in monitoring and network change and configuration management while helping customers evaluate and implement enterprise-grade monitoring solutions. BigPanda and Optm share a passion and commitment to solving customer problems.

It was clear from the very beginning, there was an organic alignment of culture, customer challenges, and people, especially with President of Enterprise Business Brian Hepburn. His decades of leadership experience within the company and commitment to the philosophy and ethos that drives Optm inspired BigPanda to pursue this partnership.

How a partnership with Optm benefits BigPanda’s customers

The Optm team offers white-glove service from beginning to end, with a focus on a very select group of technologies. Optm takes pride in being as knowledgeable of BigPanda technology as BigPanda employees, allowing BigPanda to rely on them and trust them fully as an extension of the team.

BigPanda integrates well with Optm’s reference architecture for next-generation enterprise monitoring, providing key capabilities. Minimizing noise flowing to other parts of the ITSM landscape from the monitoring platform, BigPanda enables customers to be strongly action-focused in their response planning. Optm can operationalize BigPanda events quickly and efficiently to support rapid response. Optm can properly configure, tune and implement system integrations across the BigPanda ecosystem, driving accelerated business results.

Joint BigPanda and Optm customers can now realize the benefit of AIOps without having to replace existing tools—with the know-how of a world-leading service provider overseeing their success. This enables Optm to help customers gain control over their monitoring, showing significant value.

About Optm

Organizations of every size are searching for ways to enhance security, optimize operations, increase productivity and realize cost-saving opportunities in their business processes. Optm connects talent, processes and technology to support zero-trust network architecture and holistic IT observability to drive better business outcomes for their customers. In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, the need for unified, full-stack observability across IT infrastructure is critical to supporting business services and success. Optm is thrilled to be expanding and complementing their current portfolio of monitoring solution partners to include BigPanda.

How to become a BigPanda partner

Interested in becoming a partner? BigPanda is currently seeking out mutually beneficial partnerships and is eager to explore this opportunity together. Simply visit this page and fill out the form. We look forward to hearing from you.