Librato + BigPanda: why cloud monitoring architects are weeping tears of joy

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The integration is via Webhook and can be configured without code in five minutes from the Librato and BigPanda web consoles. Librato alerts are forwarded to BigPanda for normalization and correlation then can be shared with external collaboration systems like Slack, HipChat, ServiceNow, Asana, and JIRA.

The Librato philosophy and architecture are perfect complements to ours: both help IT deliver business value by making it easy to maintain uptime so smart operators can focus on what they do best while machines manage machine data. Both interfaces are modern and lightweight, both teams are steeped in DevOps culture, and both offer platforms that make it easy to visualize the value of integrated alert management and monitoring.

Librato nation, welcome to Panda country! There’s bamboo and sake waiting for you to celebrate with us in the panda den. We’d ask you to reciprocate but we’re not sure what Libratos are… or what they drink.

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Dan Turchin was BigPanda's VP of Product. Follow Dan on Twitter: @dturchin. Connect with Dan on LinkedIn.