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Winning the deal: In the end – it all boils down to people

I joined BigPanda a year ago yesterday – and I can truly say it’s been one of the most intense and exciting years, both personally and professionally. A roller-coaster ride of PG activities, POVs and nourishing partnerships with our prospects and customers. And looking back at all that I’ve gone through, one of my strongest takeaways is that while our product is amazing and our POVs are rock solid, in the end it’s the people who tip the scales. Our extraordinary team and the BigPanda culture are one of the key elements that drives our success.

When Paul (Szymczyk – our VP Sales NA) brought me in last year – I was excited to join a startup that allowed me to take part in building a go-to-market sales force and be a pioneer in an emerging market. But what was really enlightening was to discover the leadership, the people and the values, which were being put together at that time. That really hit the mark for me.

I’ve always thrived in highly driven environments, and at BigPanda it’s one of the leading values. For me – it’s always been about the challenge: “PG is Life”. I find genuine excitement in coming up with creative ways to get in front of customers, in making our great product known to people who haven’t heard about us before. Whether it’s something as simple as sending a Coast Guard calendar to a prospect in honor of his Coast Guard tour over 25 years ago, or “stalking” the CIO of a large gaming company with several emails and a “Panda Package” sent to his office after not being let in when I showed up unannounced… there’s always a way to get in through the door. When you really care, when you take the time to personally engage with the people you are trying to meet and you don’t relent – it will eventually happen.

Which leads me to the second value – Transparency. We put a great emphasis on being transparent with our customers, in the same way we behave amongst ourselves. One of our major wins this year told us upfront during our POV that they didn’t want just a product. They wanted a partner. A partner that was transparent, that wanted to hear their ideas and have a true, open discussion about moving forward together. And in that spirit Elik, our CTO, was involved early on, providing our roadmap & vision, listening to the customer’s feedback. Assaf, our CEO, met with their executive team and discussed the strategy and the story of our company. And they were joined by the many Sales Engineers and members of our Customer Success team, who did all they could to support and build a true partnership which helped the customer become one of our most successful proponents to date.

And that brings me to my final point which actually sums up all that I’ve just mentioned, and is mentioned in the title of this blog. As a team – I think we’re unbeatable. Yes – our product is great, and it is the basis of our success. But in the end it’s the dedication of each of us on our own, and together as a team, that makes our customers not only like our product, but also respect us a partner and decide to do business with us. Our corporate culture seeps into our relationships with our customers, and time and again I am told by them that we are one of the best vendors they have ever worked with.

That is why they like to do business with BigPanda, and why I love to work here.