AutoShare rules for improved collaboration and communication

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As the data science cure for IT alert overload, we’ve built our business by automatically correlating up to 99% of noisy IT Alerts to dramatically reduce MTTR. With today’s launch of AutoShare, we’ve made it easier for human operators to do what they do best while machines do the work of correlating and routing.

With AutoShare, IT management can automatically correlate alerts into BigPanda incidents then share them with staff via collaboration tools like JIRAServiceNowAsanaSlack and PagerDuty; something so simple and obvious but has been difficult until now because:

  • Alerts are vast and noisy
  • They change status frequently
  • Each monitoring tool uses a different data model.

BigPanda AutoShare makes it easy to process and share large volumes of data using data science for compression, cloud-to-cloud integrations for broad tool support, and a modern UX which makes it painless to build complex routing logic in minutes with clicks.

The results are tangible and immediate: reduced MTTR, improved collaboration, and increased visibility into infrastructure health.

Machines and people speaking. Call it chocolate and peanut butter for the age of DevOps. We’ve seen the future… and AutoShare plus other new concepts we’re pioneering in the Panda Den are bringing it closer every day.

Effective today, AutoShare is active for all customers. Log into BigPanda, click “AutoShare” in the navbar, and let me know what you think. Inspire us with feature ideas and I’ll send you (coveted, limited edition) panda wear to say thanks!

About the Author:

Dan Turchin was BigPanda's VP of Product. Follow Dan on Twitter: @dturchin. Connect with Dan on LinkedIn.