Autodesk deploys BigPanda to deliver effective IT Incident Management

When Autodesk decided it was time to optimize the way they dealt with tens of thousands of IT alerts each month, they looked for tools that could best help them achieve their business objectives. And after a careful and thorough search and evaluation, they chose BigPanda.

With BigPanda’s intelligent correlation and enrichment capabilities now an integral part of the Autodesk NOC, their IT team is able to consolidate noisy alerts into actionable incidents, reducing alerts by 69% and improving MTTR by 85%.  

Autodesk integrated 19 of their monitoring, ticketing and collaboration tools with BigPanda, achieving better insights into the issues behind their incidents, improving their ticketing processes and driving greater operational efficiency throughout the IT organization.

One such integration is with ServiceNow and Slack, which helped establish a Smart Ticketing process. With BigPanda’s Auto Sharing feature, key Autodesk IT team members are automatically notified about relevant incidents through enriched tickets that include incident information, detailed links and real-time updates showing the latest status of BigPanda incidents.

BigPanda’s Unified Analytics console helps Autodesk visualize various trends in their monitoring data. The dashboards provides a dynamic view of their IT Ops and IT incident data, making it ideal for operational health monitoring and situational awareness. Analytics Reports provide on-demand snapshots of IT data over specific periods of time, helping the IT team visualize and share on-the-fly analytics views with their management.

As Samy Senthivel, Sr.Digital Enterprise Monitoring Services, summarized it: “Autodesk has significantly improved IT operational efficiency with the help of BigPanda!”.

Read more about how BigPanda helps Autodesk deliver effective IT incident management and improved operational efficiency in the detailed customer case study.