Announcing BigPanda Incident Sharing

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The new Sharing feature enables communication via Text, Email, JIRA, and ServiceNow. Text and email are included in BigPanda out-of-the-box. JIRA and ServiceNow can be set up by going to the integrations tab within BigPanda’s app.

Sharing an incident is easy and intuitive. When hovering over an incident, simply click on the Sharing button, and choose whom you want to communicate with.


You can share an incident multiple times and with multiple people. To see an incident’s sharing history: click on Share, and look at the Existing Shares section. Here, you can also see links to the relevant JIRA or ServiceNow tickets.


Each outgoing Share also includes a link to Live Incident Information, which has up-to-date information on incident status. That way, anyone on your team can simply click on the link to get a real-time update on that incident. It works great on mobile too, even if the recipient is not a BigPanda registered user.

bigpandamobileWe hope you like this new feature, and please let us know what you think.

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