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2023 Predictions: Doing more with less

The ITOps 2023 predictions forecast

As we head into 2023, it’s clear that one of the challenges many businesses will face is figuring out how to do more with less. According to Business Insider, layoffs loom for many industries, including tech. All of this can add up to an increased chance for potential outages and disruptions. In our January 26 live predictions webinar for 2023, our panel of experts will talk about how you can prepare your team for a potentially turbulent year ahead, while making predictions regarding other ITOps trends and developments you can expect in the new year.

2023 Trend: Using automation to improve efficiency

The Business Insider report on layoffs in 2022 found that recruiters were among the most susceptible jobs, with a 7.9% risk of having a layoff. However, tech also was hit hard with software engineers (3.8%), data scientists (3.0%), and UX designers (2.7%) all facing elevated risks of job loss.

As companies attempt to do more with less, they incur increased risk for outages and disruptions which can cost as much as $12,000 per minute, according to BigPanda’s report on the cost of the modern IT outages. One likely result is that, in 2023, many businesses will evaluate existing observability and network management tools and attempt to eliminate redundancies to improve efficiency while reducing costs.

The result is that 2023 might be similar to the environment seen during the pandemic, when organizations attempted to scale through the use of technology, automation, and AIOps, rather than through headcount. As companies freeze workforces and flatten their budgets, they will attempt to eliminate manual processes to get the most out of existing resources. Organizations will seek to implement more automation to avoid overburdening their IT, SRE, and DevOps teams. Our January 2023 predictions webinar for ITOps will cover some of the ways automation will continue to be a dominating trend and some of the factors to consider when implementing it.

Key to ensuring service quality in 2023

Businesses can look to BigPanda AIOps (artificial intelligence for IT operations) as a solution to mitigate the risks of IT outages in this period of uncertainty. AIOps utilizes machine learning algorithms and big data analytics to help organizations monitor their systems, detect anomalies, reduce manual tasks, and optimize performance. It also helps businesses improve customer experience by providing real-time insights into customer behavior, reducing downtime, and ensuring applications run optimally.

Although it is important to note the mean time to resolve (MTTR) after an outage, the true cost of the modern IT outage continues to be time to awareness—which can only be addressed by AI and automation. BigPanda’s report on the cost of modern IT outages found that 23% of respondents with mature AIOps implementations reported an average duration of a significant outage lasting less than 30 minutes. This points to a high correlation between AIOps/automation implementation and outstanding IT service quality.

Prepare your business for 2023 with BigPanda’s upcoming webinar

To ensure business continuity in 2023 and beyond, enterprises need to look at their existing observability and network management tools (e.g., AIOps) and any redundancies. In addition, regular monitoring of automated operations with these tools can help maintain ITOps even during periods of layoffs or high risk.

Join BigPanda’s January 2023 webinar to hear predictions and insight from experts as they discuss what the coming year will bring for ITOps and how AIOps might play an important role.

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