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10 months in, and it’s phenomenal!

When I wrote my “Why I joined BigPanda” post back in April, I was two weeks into my new CRO position, and had gained only first impressions about the product, the BigPanda team and my opportunities.  Today, as I look back at the last ten months, I can definitely say – wow!! 2018 was an amazing year for Autonomous Ops, for BigPanda, and for me personally and 2019 is off to a great start. Everything in that post I had hoped for, expected, and worked towards has materialized.  And we are still just getting started!

1) Market Opportunity

Back in April – I had said that the growing number of alerts IT Ops was dealing with was a problem. “The pain is real”, were my exact words. In the short time that has passed since then, I’ve realized my words were an understatement. The pain is not only real, but it has become acute, and companies are looking into the future in fear of how much worse it’s going to get. So, whereas previously we were forced to evangelize not only the problem, but also the fact that there were good solutions out there for that problem – today we are welcomed with open arms.

“We have that exact same problem!”, “Were you eavesdropping in our conference room yesterday?” and “Can I borrow that slide to show our CIO?” are some of the most common reactions to our ‘first meeting’ deck. And after acknowledging their problem, our prospects are eager to hear how we can solve it for them, how we’ve successfully solved it for other similar large enterprises, and why we’re the best solution on the market today. And yes, further evidence of the amazing market growth is the fact that our space is no longer inhabited by just us Pandas!  Other monitoring, collaboration and specialty IT Ops vendors previously adjacent to our market are thinking about joining in. But as you’ll read shortly – I’m proud to say that our solution is the best by far.

2) Product Innovation

In April I talked about the capabilities and the potential of the BigPanda platform. Ten months in, I am more than convinced that we have the best technology on the market in this space, without a close second! I think our rapid time to value, our ability to solve real problems for large companies at scale, and our ease of use – are second to none. We’re consistently winning POVs, and our prospects and customers simply love our product . Furthermore, the roadmap that we have in place for 2019 and beyond is, in a nutshell, going to be a game-changer! I can’t say too much now, but just watch this space for some very exciting announcements later this year.

3) The BigPanda Team

One of the main reasons I joined were the people at BigPanda! I am happy to report that reality has wildly exceeded my expectations here as well. I have found a group of people that is committed in the deepest way possible and across the board to winning.   

R&D/Engineering, Marketing, HR, and Sales all work as one team dedicated to our customers’ success, unified by a culture that values excellence, focus, and transparency. The founders  Elik and Assaf, our CTO and CEO respectively, are both brilliant and humble – and I think it is this rare combination that inspires the amazing culture here at BigPanda.

On a personal note, perhaps the most pleasant surprise for me was how they embraced me in my role as as an equal and a peer, providing me with a true seat at the decision-making table along with Marketing and HR, as we build and progress the company. To have a CRO/Sales exec in this position is rare and it has a huge impact on the motivation of our sales team. They truly understand that they are not just closing deals, but are literally taking part in shaping the future of the company.

4) Career Opportunity

Finally, a key factor in my joining BigPanda was the career opportunity.

I started out excited at the prospect of embracing the challenges and the opportunities facing BigPanda. If anything, I am even more excited now. We’ve successfully brought in some very large customers and for the last two quarters our company’s performance has been our best ever.  We’ve raised the bar high!

At the same time, understanding everything that my CRO position entails, in comparison to my previous Sales-exec roles, has taught me a lot. To be honest, I am still learning and I’m enjoying the journey. But what I’m probably proudest of so far, is helping establish a culture of excellence and constant improvement without losing transparency and honesty. This has allowed us to build a truly world-class Go-to-Market team.

There is no better place to be at this time than BigPanda, with 2018 ending on a high note,  and 2019 already shaping up to be a breakthrough year. We’re constantly adding new customers and onboarding amazing hires across the board at a record pace. I can’t wait to see our future unfold.

If you want to join in on the success, hit me up on LinkedIn.