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Yoram is Head of Content at BigPanda, where he leverages his extensive experience in R&D, Marketing and Bizdev at both large enterprises and startups to tell stories through written, digital and video content.

More and more enterprises are moving to a DevOps/SRE model for their IT operations, and in the process are finding it more challenging than initially expected due to a lack of full stack visibility and the right tools. BigPanda unifies workflows across all IT Ops tools and provides a unified, full stack view that allows […]

The tools you work with should be simple to deploy and use. Does your IT Ops event correlation and automation solution require constant support from professional services? Maybe you should be looking at BigPanda!

The “best-of-breed” strategy in Enterprise IT is getting increasingly popular and IT Ops teams are using the tools that are best suited for their needs. A single consolidating UI could help, but is it attainable, or is it a myth?